Best betting sites in Finland for 2022

Best betting sites in Finland for 2022

The sports betting scene in Finland is huge. Here are some of the best sports betting sites offering the best markets and odds. Finns love to gamble; sports betting is a very popular form of entertainment for them. It is estimated that more than a quarter of the country’s population is involved in sports betting.

If you are new to sports betting in Finland and want to learn how they learn, this guide is for you. This guide contains a list of the best sports betting sites in Finland and other information you need to use betting sites.

Top 5 best sports betting sites for Finnish players

  1. Tonybet Casino;
  2. 22Bet Casino;
  3. N1 Casino;
  4. National Casino;
  5. Casumo Casino.

Sports betting laws and regulations in Finland

According to the Finnish Lottery Act 2011, sports betting is completely legal in Finland. The law gives the government a complete monopoly on all gambling activities. This means that Finnish players can only access sports betting services through state-owned gaming companies.

Players can bet on sports at Veikkaus. Veikkaus was founded in 2017 by the merger of Veikkaus, Fintoto and the Finnish gaming organization. This state-owned betting agency earns more than one billion euros a year. The profits are used for charity work in science, health, youth work, sports, culture and social welfare.That’s why there is an old saying: «Even when you lose a bet, a Finn always wins».

However, most Finnish players prefer to bet at foreign online bookmakers because of better markets and odds. For example, if a state-owned company offers odds of 1.50 on an event, you can get odds of 1.65 in foreign bookmakers.

The Finnish authorities do not issue licenses to foreign bookmakers. Therefore they cannot offer sports betting services via .fi domains or promote their services.But they are not illegal, and players can still bet on their favorite sports via an international bookmaker.

Is online sports betting legal in Finland?

Yes, online sports betting is legal in Finland Finnish players can bet on their favorite games through Veikkaus or foreign bookmakers.

How to choose the best site for betting in Finland

There are many betting sites in Finland. Anyone who wants to get into sports betting must first choose from a wide variety of betting options. If you don’t do a thorough analysis, it can be difficult to choose the best betting site from the available options. Our team of sports betting experts has done a comprehensive review and compiled a list in this guide.

Let us walk you through our review process. When searching for the best betting site in Finland, you should prioritize features that offer an exciting and safe gaming experience. Here are some factors to consider before you head to a gambling site.

License and security

The security of an international bookmaker’s office is an important criterion to consider before registering. Players should not have to worry about the honesty of the betting company and whether they can bet on sporting events safely. Since the Finnish authorities do not license or monitor foreign betting shops, you should try to find one that is licensed by reputable organizations.

Players should also look into the security of the sports betting site. You want to make sure that your personal information is safe. A sports betting platform should have encryption technology and firewalls that protect players‘ personal and financial data.

All of the betting sites in this guide are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, Gibraltar, the Malta Gambling Commission or Curacao. They also have state-of-the-art encryption technology.

Bonuses and promotions

Bookmakers often offer bonuses and promotions to attract new customers and maintain the loyalty of their old customers.Bonuses such as welcome bonuses, free bets and cashback are a great way to improve your bankroll and bet on your favorite sports without betting.So you should take advantage of them. Look for the bookmakers that offer the most bonuses

Compatibility and Experience

Finnish players prefer to bet from their mobile devices. The sports betting platform you choose should offer a mobile-friendly website that works seamlessly on smartphones and tablets.You should be able to enjoy a good user experience through your mobile browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Opera Mini and Mozilla Firefox.

Some online bookmakers have special mobile apps on Android and iOS platforms. You can download the app from the website or mobile store. These apps provide a user-friendly experience and use push notifications to notify you when you win or lose a bet.

Markets and odds

You should also compare the betting markets and odds available to Finnish players. The odds can make a big difference in the size of your winnings.Besides bonuses and promotions, you should make sure you get competitive odds that guarantee profitable winnings.

The best betting sites in Finland, such as those featured in this guide, offer competitive odds on a wide variety of popular sports markets such as soccer, tennis, horse racing, basketball, fencing, golf, hockey, Formula 1 and lacrosse. Finnish players can also play local sports including pesapallo, mölkki and ringette.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Finnish players should investigate payment methods before signing up for a sports betting site.They should be able to deposit and withdraw their winnings without any hassle. Most betting sites in Finland offer many payment methods that you can use to make transactions on your account.

How to bet on sports in Finland

Betting on sports in Finland is quite easy. If you are new to betting on sports on international betting sites, you just need to follow these simple steps.

The first step is to choose a sports betting site in Finland and visit their website through your mobile browser. Alternatively, you can also download their special mobile app.

Go to «Register» or «Create a new account».

You will be prompted to provide personal information, including your name, email address, address, age and zip code.

Set up a username and password to protect your account

The next step is to upload a supporting document, such as a passport and driver’s license. The approval process takes a maximum of 24 hours.

After verification, you will be redirected to the deposit page to fund your new account. For most sites, players must pay a minimum of €10.

Choose a convenient payment method and make a deposit. You will receive a deposit bonus.

Play your favorite games.

Popular sports and markets for betting in Finland

Finland loves sports and has a strong sports culture. They have produced some of the best Formula-XNUMX, hockey and soccer athletes. You will find many sporting events in Finland. Finnish players also play other lesser known sports such as pesäpallo, mölkky, ringette, reindeer racing, wife carrying, cell phone throwing and horseback riding.

Here are some popular sports and markets to bet on in Finland.

Basketball bookmakers

Korisliiga) the Finnish professional basketball league. Along with the NBA, it is one of the best basketball competitions in the world. It consists of 12 teams that compete in a round-robin format. Basketball fans can bet on their favorite teams in more than 22 games of the season.

Soccer or soccer bookmakers

Soccer is considered one of the most popular sports in the world. It is also a popular sport in Finland. The state betting agency Veikkaus sponsors the Veikkausliiga, the first division of Finnish soccer. It includes 12 teams that compete for promotion and to stay out of Ykkönen.

Players can bet on Veikkausliiga, Ykkönen and the Finnish Cup. The best sports betting sites in Finland offer markets for all types of soccer betting.

Horse racing bookmakers

As in other Scandinavian countries, horse racing is a popular sport in Finland. There are horse races almost every day of the year. Finns regularly visit racecourses to watch the races. Betting sites in Finland offer markets to punters who want to bet on horse racing.

Pesapallo Bookmaker’s Office

Pesäpallo, also called Finnish baseball, is a ball and bat game considered the national sport of Finland. The highest level competition in the sport is called Sportpesis. It consists of 14 men’s league teams and 12 women’s league teams. Many online bookmakers now offer odds and markets for betting on the sport.

Motorsports bookmakers

Formula 1 racing, motorsports, NASCAR and supercar racing are popular motorsports events in Finland. The best betting sites in Finland offer markets and odds for motorsports. You can enjoy great odds at the betting sites listed in this article.

Hockey bookmakers

Ice hockey has the largest number of television viewers in Finland. Finns love to watch the League, the Finnish Elite League and bet on their favorite teams. There are many markets and odds for players who want to bet on their favorite teams in hockey games.

Winter sports bookmaker

Finns can also bet on a wide range of winter sports such as freestyle, snowboarding, figure skating, biathlon and curling. There are more than 100 ski resorts and the ski season lasts more than 200 days a year. You can bet on your favorite winter sports major events, such as the Winter Games, the Winter X Games and the World Ski Championships. Bookmakers offer the best odds on all the winter games.

Types of betting in Finland

Various types of sports betting are available to Finnish players. The options are so varied that even experienced punters can get confused about the type of bets on Finnish betting sites. This becomes easier when you gain experience on sports betting sites. Until then, you can start betting by reading this section.

Here are some explanations of the different types of bets in Finland.

Winning bets

This bet is also known as the Moneyline bet. This is the easiest type of bet you can play.All you have to do is choose who you think will win the match. If the person (or team) you choose wins the contest, you automatically win the bet. Likewise, if they lose the contest, you lose the bet.

For example, there is a match between HJK and Reipas in the Finnish Veikkausliiga, and you want to make a winning bet. You will choose one of two options to win. If you bet on HJK, you win when HJK wins the game. You also lose if HJK loses.

Handicap Betting

Handicap bets are also called line bets or point bets. It is a type of bet used to level the playing field between players who are not equal.By using handicap betting, you give a virtual advantage to the weaker team and an advantage to the stronger team.Therefore, if you bet on the weaker side, they have an advantage, which increases the chances of winning the bet.

Let’s explain how this works, using a soccer match between KuPS and SJK as an example. If you want to play with a handicap of 1.5. SJK, being the weaker side, has an advantage of 1.5 and KuPS has a minus of -1.5. That means SJK starts the game with a 1.5 goal advantage and will only lose if it concedes more than 2 goals. On the other hand, if you bet on KUPS, they have to score at least two goals without conceding any to win the bet.

More/Less Betting

Also called a total bet,a more/lower bet is a special type of bet in which Finnish players bet on the total score of two teams in a given sporting event.You will need to bet on whether the total score will be greater or less than your pick.

For example, in a game between Kouvot and the Gulls, you choose whether the total score of the game will be more or less than 200. If you choose «more than 200 points», you win if the total score is greater than 200, and you lose. if it is less than 200. Similarly, if you choose «less than 200 points», you win when the total score is less than 200.

Betting on the outcome

Winning bets require players to bet on who will ultimately win the competition.Players place bets before the competition begins or after the competition begins.But the odds change after the competition begins depending on the team’s performance.

Let’s take the 2022 FIFA World Cup as an example, you can bet on heavyweight soccer teams such as Argentina, Brazil, Germany or Spain. Betting on the outcome is hard to win because you have to bet weeks or months in advance before you get a clear idea of which team might win. It’s like predicting the future. That’s why it’s called betting on futures.

Accumulator Bets

An accumulator bet consists of four or more outcomes.This is the process of placing several separate bets on the same coupon to form a large bet with significantly larger odds… An express bet can increase the size of your winnings. But Finnish players are also at a higher risk of losing a bet. They lose the entire bet if they lose a single bet.

Let’s say we are betting on Argentina, Germany, Finland and Spain to win the first match of the group stage of the 2022 World Cup. And each team has odds of 1.69, 1.45, 2.80 and 1.70 respectively. You can make an express bet that combines the total odds of the four teams into one bet. In this case, the combined odds will be the product of the four odds: 1.69×1.45×2.80×1.70. This equals an odds of 11.60.

Thus, if you bet 10 euros, you will win 116 euros if all your outcomes play out.

Betting Exchanges

A betting exchange is a special type of betting where Finnish players bet against each other and not against the bookmaker. In this type of betting, the bookmaker doesn’t take any risk; they only provide a platform for players to bet against each other and receive a small commission on winnings.

Best bonuses, free bets and promotions on Finnish online betting sites

Finnish betting sites offer a wide range of bonuses to attract new players and stay competitive in the gambling industry.Players can enjoy free bonuses, free bets, cashback and promotions.

Here are some of the most common types of bonuses for Finnish players.

Deposit bonuses

The deposit bonus is the first bonus that players get when they sign up for online betting sites.This is part of the welcome offer for new customers.This bonus can be up to 100 percent. For example, when you deposit 200 euros, you get an additional 200 euros as a deposit bonus. You can use this bonus to increase your bankroll and bet on your favorite games with minimal risk on your part.

This type of bonus comes with conditions such as minimum deposit limit, maximum withdrawal limit, minimum odds, wagering requirements and expiration date of the bonus. Players need to know the rules in order to maximize the bonus to the fullest.

No Deposit Bonuses

Unlike the no deposit bonus, you can get a no deposit bonus without a deposit.Finnish players can wager for free. However, this type of bonus has high wagering requirements.

No deposit bonuses are offered to both new and existing players. From time to time, Finnish bookmakers offer no deposit bonuses to players who don’t use their accounts often to try to get them involved in sports betting.

Free bets

Free betting is a special type of bet where you don’t have to pay, the bookmaker sponsors the cost of the game.Finnish players can simply use free bets to bet on their favorite games without a bet on their part. It also does not require wagering. However, the price of the bet will be deducted from the winnings.

Payment options on betting sites in Finland

Finland is part of the European Union (EU) and uses the euro as the country’s official currency. There are many payment options that players can use to make payments to their online betting accounts. Most bookmakers offer different ways to appeal to different customers with different payment preferences.

Here are some of the most common payment methods on betting sites in Finland.

Debit cards

Funding your online betting account with a debit card is one of the most convenient ways to fund your betting account. Finnish sports betting sites offer a wide selection of debit cards.This is a quick way to make a deposit to your account; your transaction will be reflected in your account almost immediately.

It’s also a popular choice among Finnish players because they also use them for their everyday transactions. The most popular options are Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Credit cards

Credit cards offer an easy and efficient way to send money to your sports betting account. It works just like buying anything online. All you have to do is enter your card information, the amount you want to deposit, and your secure PIN, and you’re all set.

Credit cards usually have a minimum deposit. Popular credit cards for Finnish players are Visa and Mastercard.

Electronic wallets

E-wallets have become popular in Finland, and many citizens are beginning to discover the usefulness of e-wallets for online transactions. If you don’t have an e-wallet, we’ll explain what it is. E-wallets are digital wallets that allow you to save money and make online transactions with ease.It offers a secure form of payment for people who don’t want to share their bank details on sports betting sites.

Finnish players use popular e-wallet options such as Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, Trustly, Paysafe and Euteller.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a payment method developed by Apple for instant payment of goods and services. It allows iOS users to pay with their iPhones. Bookmakers and betting shops in Finland now use Apple Pay. You can now fund your gambling accounts with a single click in the Apple Pay app.

Apple Pay is a great way to pay for people who don’t want to divulge sensitive betting data. It uses iOS device security features such as Touch ID, Face ID, and two-factor authentication to complete transactions.

Prepaid cards 

Prepaid cards are special cards that you can top up with money to buy goods and services. It is also used as a gift card. Finnish players can fund their gambling accounts with prepaid cards.For players who don’t want to tie their bank account to their betting account, this is a great option.It contains a 16-digit pin code that you can enter at betting sites to spend borrowed money on the card.

Popular examples of prepaid cards for Finnish punters are Paysafecard, American Express Bluebird, and Eco Voucher.


Finnish players can use cryptocurrency to fund their accounts. Bitcoin has become a popular option on betting sites, and players are beginning to prefer bitcoins for payments and withdrawals. Cryptocurrency payments provide anonymity for players because they do not require the disclosure of personal or financial information.

In addition to bitcoins, online bookmakers also offer transactions in Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Stellar.

What is the best payment method for Finnish players?

Electronic wallets are the best payment method for Finnish players because of their speed and low fees. Famous examples are Skrill, PayPal, Neteller and PaySafe. Depending on popularity, credit and debit cards are the next best option.

5 expert tips for betting in Finland

It takes time and practice to become an experienced gambler. The sheer number of bets on the market can make it difficult to learn everything with ease. But with constant practice, playing your favorite sports becomes easier.

The following tips will help newcomers who are just starting to bet in Finland.

Shop around for the best odds The odds vary depending on the betting site. These differences can have a significant impact on your winnings. You should look for betting sites that offer the best odds on sports games.

How much to bet As a general rule, Finnish players should bet only what they can afford to lose. Even when the potential winnings seem juicy, it is not worth risking something that could hurt you if the bet proves unsuccessful. Develop a betting system and use it to maximize your bet.

Determine Your Strengths and Weaknesses Determining your strengths and weaknesses can tell you which sports you are more successful at and which types of betting are right for you. This can increase your chances of winning.

Spend time on research- You can improve your chances of winning by taking the time to research. Knowing the basic facts, statistics and history of sports games can help you make better decisions.

Ignore Personal Biases When you make gambling decisions based on your favorite teams and what you want rather than the facts, you risk losing your bets. Don’t let personal biases cloud your judgment.

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